Zdravotnická záchranná služba Jihomoravského kraje

EMS – In emergency cases call 112. Communication in English is guaranteed.

Medical care including emergency care is NOT free of charge in the Czech Republic. EU citizens are obliged to present his/her valid health insurance card. In other circumstances, the following price list of emergency medical service


Price list:  
Helicopter EMS patient transfer plus patient treatment by physician 10.050,- Kč
Patient treatment by physician plus transfer to hospital with physician present 9.350,- Kč
Patient treatment by physician plus transfer to hospital no physician present 8.800,- Kč
Patient treatment by physician and no transfer 6.000,- Kč
 Patient treatment by paramedic plus transfer to hospital 3.700,- Kč
Patient treatment by paramedic and no transfer 3.350,- Kč
Credit cards are accepted.  


For non-acute medical care please contact private GP services or visit any hospital.  

About us

Emergency Medical Service of the South Moravian region provides pre-hospital emergency care for the area of 7,195 square kilometres with its population of 1,2 million. Emergency response teams respond to urgent events from their 23 strategically located stations. Helicopter Medical Service is based at Brno Tuřany Airport. During daily hours there are 46 response teams on duty, during night hours 41 teams are ready for operation. The teams are sent for response by regional medical operations centre based in Brno. The centre accepts all calls made to the national emergency number of 155. Also calls directed to the European emergency number of 112 get re-directed here.


Zdravotnická záchranná služba JmK p.o.
IČ: 00346292
se sídlem: Kamenice 798/1d, 625 00 Brno
zapsaná v OR u rejstříkového soudu v Brně pod zn. Pr. 1245

    +420 545 113 101 (sekretariát ředitele)
    +420 545 113 111, 545 113 102 (podatelna)
    +420 545 113 104

E-mail: info[a]zzsjmk.cz

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